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How To Unlock iPhone 6 Free by Unlock Code

How To Unlock iPhone 6 Free by Unlock Code

Welcome to iPhoneUnlocked.Vip ! On this guide you will learn How To Unlock iPhone 6 in the easiest way possible without paying a dime, even some providers may charge you up to 100 USD for an unlock code, depending on your country or network provider. Using our service you can generate iPhone 6 unlock codes for free.

What is iPhone 6 Unlocking

Unlocking a iPhone 6 is the process which allows you to patch your iDevice so you can use any SIM card from other carriers. iPhone 6 can be done by plugging into a computer trough USB Connection and run a software or simply calculate an unlock code based on your unique iDevice IMEI.

There are 3 types of unlocking methods:

Software Unlocking: even weve seen some unlock code providers that say they can unlock your iPhone 6 through software, we must say this method it cant work from a long time ago and is purely a scam.

Hardware Unlocking: it still works, but this method can ruin your iPhone and will void your warranty. But mostly, this unlocking method is very expensive. That’s the reason we don’t recommend it.

IMEI Unlocking: thats the best, fastest and safe method used to unlock a iDevice and also used by iPhoneUnlocked and some other providers.

Benefits of Unlocking a iPhone 6

There are plenty of benefits to get your iPhone 6 unlocked. Below we will list 3 of them which we think are most notable.

No more roaming charges. Do you travel a lot or simply moving to another country? With an unlocked iPhone you can save big money. Just change the SIM card with a local one and make calls or use the internet at local rates. In this way you can avoid roaming charges.

Sell your iPhone for more. An unlocked iPhone 6 can get you up to 50% more money when you’re selling it. Most of the buyers may refuse to buy your iDevice if this is locked to another carrier. They want to have the freedom to change the carrier whenever they want.

Carrier flexibility. Most iDevices are locked by carriers because it helps them to keep people on their network. In return, they offer deals that usually bundle the cost of the phone into your monthly subscription cost.

With an unlocked iPhone, you have complete flexibility to move between carriers whenever you want.

Unlock iPhone 6 with iPhoneUnlocked.XyZ

With over 10 years of experience in IT and iDevices unlocking service, our team can help you to unlock iPhone 6 within the next 5 minutes (sometimes it takes even 10 minutes until you get the unlock code and instructions by e-mail). With over 500 unlocks a day and over 25,000 reviews iPhoneUnlocked is your single option to sim unlock iPhone 6 at no cost.

Our unlocking process is pretty simple: you have to fill the form below with your iDevice IMEI, country and network provider but also with your e-mail address where we can send you the unlock code and step-by-step instructions on how to unlock iPhone 6 free. We made a video tutorial on how to generate the unlock code for your smartphone though.

How Our Unlock Code Generator Works?

Just a few words: 4 years ago I had to visit some friends in the United Kingdom. My cell phone was locked to Sprint network and when I asked to unlock it they told me they can’t unlock my phone until the contract ends.

So I found a 3rd party provider who charged me $67,00 for the unlock code. Then I had an idea to develop a software/tool that helps people to unlock their cell phones absolutely free. After 6 months our Unlock Code Generator was ready to use and since then iPhoneUnlocked has provider over 200.000 unlock codes for different mobile devices.

No more talking, let’s see how it actually works.

1. Enter IMEI: on the first step, you’ll be asked to submit your iPhone 6 IMEI which can be found by dialing to *#06# or in the settings.

2. Select country and carrier: on this step you have to choose the country and network provider which your iPhone is locked to.

3. Generate unlock code: it takes no more than 10 minutes before our generator will calculate an unlock code for your iPhone model and you can download it instantly.

Once the Download Code message appears, this means your iPhone 6 unlock code and instructions have been successfully generated.

Clicking on that button, some offers/surveys from our sponsors will show up. These are free to do and actually, you can win some gift cards, vouchers and much more. You won’t spend more than 3-5 minutes completing a survey and you get a free iPhone 6 unlock code. This is how we keep iPhoneUnlocked alive, and you help us to do it. We have to pay for servers, maintenance and some other stuff. We really appreciate your effort.

Access the Unlock Code Generator

Click on button below to access our Unlock Code Generator and generate an unlock code for your iDevice. Get step-by-step instructions on how to unlock your iPhone! Feel free to contact us if you need any help.

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